How can aerial photography improve real estate marketing?

Selling a house is a complex process. It’s a life changing decision. The role of a real estate agent is to give the customer insight into what it would be like to live in that property. The agent tells them in detail about the room size, amenities, etc. An aerial photography allows the real estate agents to show pictures of the properties in and out. It improves real estate marketing in the following ways.

Increase house viewings

People don’t buy a house unless they examine it fully. The more the viewings, the faster, will be the sale. Aerial photography gives a new perspective of property. It increases the chances of people buying the house.

Spreading the word

You should use various media to spread the word of your properties. You can share beautiful photos and videos so that people can see your property. The better the content, more people will be viewing it.

Opportunity for quick sales

No one wants to waste time seeing a property that’s not right for them. It’s not good seeing unsatisfied prospective buyers walking out of the door. With aerial photography, the potential buyers can have a good look at the property and decide quickly whether they want to buy it or not. Sometimes, they don’t even need to visit the property in person for inspection.

Get more clients

If you can include good quality aerial photography in your marketing mix, like brochures, leaflets, etc. then you can get more customers. Aerial photography increases the chance that people will want to view the property and eventually make the decision to buy it.

Taking aerial photography is very easy now with the help of a drone. You will find high quality drones the market that will be able to capture some high-quality photographs of your property from various angles. These photographs will increase the chance of selling your property.

Reference – The above video was actually taken from Sarah Williams’ Blog, formerly of ANCS Realty, and currently of Home City Real Estate in San Marcos Texas.  In her blog she talks about the advancements in drone technologies, and the ability to use them to increase the amount of homes she sells in her area.  After learning to use much smaller drones she started using a service that actually requires the person flying the drone to have a pilots license in order to shoot footage of properties.  What comes out is glorious aerial footage of rolling hills and a scenic view so perfect that it makes you almost want to purchase land for sale in Texas.  For more information on drone footage tips and tricks please visit Sarah’s website by clicking either of the links above.