Norfolk is one of the most beautiful rural places in the UK.  Norfolk County has an area of almost 2080 square miles and is surrounded by beautiful sea on the eastern and northern sides. To the south is Suffolk and Cambridge shire to the west and south-west.  You can actually see a lot more about it on the ReMax Website. The population of Norfolk is 860,000. Norfolk County is made up of areas:

  • Norwich
  • Great Yarmouth
  • King’s Lynn
  • Thetford

Norfolk is a very important town for the United Kingdom. It almost has a share of 1.2% in the economy of England and its major industry is agriculture. The land is fertile and arable and our buddies at have a lot of ranch land for you to buy. Other important business sectors are tourism, energy production and advanced engineering and manufacturing.

The County of Norfolk is growing day by day and is becoming one of the most important countries of UK. It does not have huge skyscrapers like London, but it has potential to grow economically. Norfolk has a complete and properly developed education system and a fully developed network of roads and a proper transportation system to assist the commuters in their daily life. Norwich International Airport offers flights within Europe including a link to Amsterdam which offers onward flights throughout the world. Norfolk is a great tourism attraction. Its beaches are a view of heaven on the earth, and the views are so peaceful and calm. Water in the sea is so clean and serene. Famous tourist attractions include the sea views, zoos, and amusement parks. The beach of Norfolk is 90 miles of the unspoiled coast of around 90 miles. Norfolk has the best foods in the UK. The taste is out of the world. It also has a Queen`s home, Sandringham.

All of the above reasons add up to the fact that living in Norfolk is like living in heaven on earth. There are so many business opportunities along with many tourist attractions. As this is a rural county, so there is very less pollution as compared to other big cities.  You can see beautiful real estate footage shot from a drone at an earlier post.

Norfolk County homes are of different types, starting from one unit flats and couple of bedrooms flats, there are huge bungalows facing sea side and lakes. There are also multistory buildings which offer to the house at affordable rates. If you are looking for doing farming and build your home also adjacent to your farm, then Norfolk is the right place for you. In short Norfolk County can offer you a great living experience.

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