About ANCS

We are a single destination where clients can look for properties throughout the New York City. They can get access to the most current market information and neighborhood guides. We have a friendly relationship with our clients so that they can tell us their needs and we can try our best to match their criteria.

Our services

We offer a number of services to our clients. These include:
Residential sales and rentals

We can help you to search a new home for you or sell you current home. We have experts to guide you and give you insights about various properties. We have a huge listing of properties, and it will give you many options.

Development marketing

We have the marketing expertise and understanding of the major trends. We provide in-house research, marketing and sales, property management and mortgage financing services.

Property management

We have expertise in the development and implementation of strategies to enhance the value of residential buildings. Our property management services include rent collection, bill payment, property valuation, landscaping and pool maintenance, cleaning services, electrical and plumbing works, etc.


We offer advice on the value of property. We produce detailed reports that are used as the basis for estate settlement, mortgage loans, and insurance purposes.

We can also give you advice regarding mortgage and insurance. Our agents are very talented and experienced. They have a very good understanding of the market. They communicate well with the clients and guide them in every way possible. If you are looking for a real estate agency that you can trust, then call us. Let us talk and discuss your needs. We offer a free consultation; so don’t miss this opportunity.